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How High Heels Can Affect the Feet

Are high heels your footwear of choice, despite their discomfort? if so, you not alone. A survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that 42 percent of women prioritize style over comfort when it comes to shoes, with a whopping 73 percent already experiencing foot issues as a result. High heels are notorious for constricting the foot and placing excessive stress on certain areas, such as the ball off the foot. Long-term wearing of high heels can lead to bunions, corns, calluses, and hammertoes. However, there are ways to mitigate their effects. Ensure your shoes fit properly to avoid undue pressure, opt for open-toe designs to relieve stress, and invest in custom inserts for cushioning and weight distribution. Thicker heels can help to improve stability and may reduce strain. Additionally, consider the height and slope of the heel. Lower heels and moderate slopes can lessen the strain on your feet. If you have foot pain from wearing high heels, it is suggested that you schedule an appointment with a chiropodist for an exam and treatment options.

High heels have been in style for centuries, but unfortunately, they have also been damaging feet for centuries. If you would like to learn more about how high heels can hurt your feet, please consult with Emily Yu, B.Sc from Uptown Foot Care Clinic. Our specialist can help you maintain the health of your lower limbs and your mobility. 

High heels can cause a variety of problems, including:

  • Foot and ankle pain

  • Foot and ankle injuries

  • Toe pain and deformities 

  • Gait abnormalities

  • Achilles tendonitis 

  • Changes in posture

  • Difficulty balancing

  • Leg, hip, and back pain

If you are reluctant to abandon your high heels, you can still wear them, but should take measures to minimize damage to your feet: 

  • Wear shoes with heels no higher than 2 inches

  • Choose properly fitted shoes

  • Choose shoes with a wide toe box

  • Wear high heels infrequently 

  • When wearing high heels, take them off periodically to stretch and relax your feet 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office located in . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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