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A fungal toenail infection can be difficult to live with. Not only does it cause changes in the texture and color of your toenails, but toenail fungus can also become painful and even dangerous to those who have conditions that affect their immune systems. Traditional treatments like topical ointments and oral antifungal drugs are not always effective, and often bring about unwanted side effects. Fortunately, there have been recent leaps in laser therapy for treating fungal nail infections.

ToeFX ClearToe Therapy is a safe, simple, and non-toxic laser treatment for toenail fungus. Using light to kill the fungus, it helps clear up fungal nail infections in as little as 6 to 10 treatment sessions. During the treatment process, a topical antimicrobial is applied to your nails. Next, the ClearToe Therapy Light is placed over your foot for 30 minutes at a time to kill the toenail fungus beneath the surface of the nails.

A research study looking at the efficacy of ToeFX ClearToe Therapy found that 97% of treated toes responded to the treatment, with 76% of studied toes showing excellent to outstanding results. If you suffer from toenail fungus, consult with a podiatrist today to see if this treatment may be right for you.

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