nail braces

Onychocryptosis, also known as ingrown toenails, is a common foot ailment which can become very painful if left untreated. It is most commonly caused by incorrect trimming of the nails and extreme involution or curving of the nail edges into the skin.

Long-standing ingrown toenails may lead to dangerous infections. As a result, they should be treated as soon as possible.

The most conventional forms of treatment provided by a chiropodist include careful trimming and filing of the nail spike and nail surgery.

At Thornhill Foot Clinic, we also offer a unique form of treatment known as a Ross Fraser nail brace. This works in a similar way to dental braces and is a custom device made for your ingrown toenail from medical grade stainless steel wire which fits around the involuted nail. Overtime, the brace will slowly straighten out the curved nail and once the treatment is finished, the nail will most likely never become an ingrown again.

This is a painless procedure and most people report immediate relieve upon application of the nail brace. This is a great option for children, people with diabetes and those who are afraid of needles/surgery.

The nail brace is also small and discreet, which will not affect your lifestyle, footwear or daily activities.

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