keryflex nail restoration

Restore the appearance of your natural nails with a simple and painless KeryFlex Nail Restoration. If your nails have been damaged due to trauma, a defect or fungus this is the solution. The treatment improves the appearance of the nails so that you no longer have to be embarrassed of them or try to hide them from others. When you have a concern about the appearance of your nails, this may be the best restorative option available for you.

KeryFlex Nail Restoration

The treatment is much like bonding a tooth with a resin material being applied to the nail. A special light is used to bond the material and once it is securely in place it will be shaped and smoothed to give it a natural appearance. The result is a durable yet flexible non-porous nail that remains unaffected by detergents, nail polishes or acetone. The natural nail that remains underneath the bonding can still grow over time.

KeryFlex Nail Restoration Benefits

Here are just some of the many benefits of choosing this treatment for your nails:

  • KeryFlex Resin is non-permeable and non-porous
  • Can be contoured and sculpted
  • Medical grade, lightweight resin
  • Optimal adhesion
  • Immediate cosmetic improvement
  • Nail polish and remover can be applied

If you are currently receiving an antifungal treatment for your nails you may be able to receive this restoration during the process. The KeryFlex materials do not irritate the underlying skin or nail and are fully compatible with human tissue.

Best for Moderate Impairments

This treatment method works best on moderate impairments which may include the following:

  • Discoloured nails
  • Splitting and brittle nails
  • Changes in nail shape after trauma
  • Horizontal ridges
  • Nail fungus
  • Spoon-shaped nails

Individuals that have peripheral neuropathy, ingrown toenails, suspicious pigmented nail lesions, arterial insufficiency or peripheral vascular disease may not be candidates for this type of treatment. As well, it is not suggested for women that are nursing or pregnant or anyone that may be allergic or sensitive to the ingredients.

You can expect to see a significant enhancement in your nails after just one treatment. The nails feel and look completely natural and you’ll have your choice of 3 different colours including opaque, natural and clear.

Find out more about the KeryFlex Nail Restoration system by contacting our office today. There is an immediate and cost effective solution for damage nails available right now that offers stunning, immediate results in just one visit.

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